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MTM Cares About Community

MTM Cares shirt on employee

The pink T-shirts, emblazoned with MTM Cares, were pulled one by one from a box at the company’s headquarters this week. As they were handed out, various team members thought of loved ones who have battled breast cancer. 

MTM team with MTM Cares T-shirtsTaylor and Judy Santiago: Trish Grimmel, a dear friend who passed away after having breast cancer.

Dawn Alford: My Aunt Martha – also a breast cancer survivor.

Victoria Umbarger: My Aunt Marianne, lost her battle with breast cancer and also my mother in law.

Marian Wood: My sister in-law Linda Brown, breast cancer survivor.

Frank Konopka: I’m showing support for Thorbjorg Bendicksen (my wife’s grandmother), a breast cancer survivor.

MTM may be a trucking and logistics company, but it also is driven by caring and community. The T-shirts are just one example. 

“Our doors are always open, and our arms are always extended,” says Taylor Santiago, company vice president.

“Our transportation industry is a pertinent part to what makes the world go round,” Santiago says. “MTM Cares is about extending our support in other ways to continue that forward progress in our world.”

MTM is a family-owned business that believes family extends to the entire team, and that there’s a clear connection between the company and the community. Whether it’s drivers helping deliver toys for children during the holidays or sponsorship of a local sports team, MTM engages with the Aberdeen community