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MTM Earns WBENC Certification as a Nationally Recognized Women-Owned Business

Judy and Taylor Santiago

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MTM Trucking and Logistics has recently attained its certification as a women-owned business from the national Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). This certification marks a significant milestone in the journey of a company that celebrates its family roots and now proudly joins a list of companies owned by enterprising, creative and innovative women.

Receiving WBENC certification is not just a badge of honor for MTM, but also is a testament to the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. The certification recognizes businesses that are at least 51% owned, controlled, operated and managed by women. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, MTM’s achievement is especially noteworthy. 

“The journey to becoming a WBENC-certified company has been empowering in and of itself,” said  MTM Vice-President Taylor Santiago, who leads the Aberdeen, Maryland-based company alongside her mother, Judy Santiago, the owner.  “This certification is a badge we display proudly, because it indicates to our partners and potential customers a commitment to high standards and diversity.” 

Becoming a WBENC certified company requires a stringent vetting process that includes a review of business documentation and a site visit. As a result, WBENC companies are considered the “gold standard” and are go-tos for companies wanting to work with a top-rated company that also exhibits diversity in its ownership and management. 

“We are grateful for WBENC’s support and responsiveness for helping us through this process,” said Judy Santiago. 

According to the 2024 Wells Fargo Impact of Women-Owned Businesses Report, 14 million women-owned businesses make up 39.1% of all U.S. businesses – a 13.6% increase since 2019. The total of all revenue generated by women-owned businesses in the U.S. in 2023 was $2.7 trillion. 

While a women-owned, family-operated trucking company might not be entirely unique, it’s certainly a rarity in the industry. Trucking has traditionally been a male-dominated field, with women accounting for 7.8% of drivers, based on U.S. Department of Labor Statistics for 2024. In leadership, women-owned trucking firms account for fewer than 10%

 Like other women entrepreneurs who tend to be “community-focused,” Taylor Santiago prioritizes giving back to her community. This year, the MTM team hosted a Toys for Tots drive in the company’s Aberdeen office, and became a proud sponsor of Living Classrooms. which collaborates with community and corporate leaders to provide hands-on educational job training and community opportunities. This collaborative spirit fosters a companywide approach, and the MTM team proudly considers itself a community member as well as a company.

Studies have shown that companies with diverse leadership teams tend to outperform their less diverse counterparts. In addition, working for a women-owned business tends to offer numerous benefits for employees. Women-owned businesses are more likely to offer flexible work arrangements, career development and strong benefits support, according to the Women in the Workplace 2023 report by McKinsey and These businesses tend to prioritize employee well-being and foster a supportive and inclusive work culture.

Judy and Taylor Santiago can’t agree with this approach more. “Our team is like family, and ensuring each member finds fulfillment at MTM is very important to me and the others on the leadership team,” Taylor Santiago said.

Judy Santiago adds: “This WBENC designation is like icing on the cake, because we already walk the walk when it comes to acting like an employee-centric and empathetic company.”