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Take a Ride with Our Team Using Samsara

Samsara coverage map
Samsara overall view with traffic

The state-of-the-art cloud-based operations platform Samsara has revolutionized the way MTM Trucking and Logistics manages its trucks, drivers and daily tasks, improving the work lives of drivers and the effectiveness of the dispatch team. Moreover, Samsara’s advanced features provide the highest level of service to MTM’s customers and partners.

Samsara is on every dispatcher’s screen all of the time they are working, says  Taylor Dangerfield, MTM’s third-party coordinator. 

Every MTM vehicle is equipped with tracking software that monitors the truck’s every move as well as vehicle maintenance information such as tire pressure and oil levels.

Driver view in Samsara
A driver view on a phone of Samsara, which allows drivers to monitor multiple things.

Drivers and dispatchers can monitor fuel, speed, and tire condition. The ability to track condition of vehicles along with miles driven ensures vehicles are serviced when needed and that they stay running and safe on the road. 

Dangerfield says the satellite view with traffic interface, which shows both traffic conditions and where the vehicles are at any moment, is particularly helpful. 

By using Samsara’s satellite view, Dangerfield and her coworkers can see traffic issues as they develop and can steer drivers around the traffic, or if that’s not possible at least give customers a head’s up that there’s been a delay.

Dispatchers, then, are constantly in communication with both drivers and customers, creating a team-based approach that relieves some stress from drivers and keeps customers informed and happy. 

Customers can have real-time updates from Dispatch

If a customer wants to know when to expect a driver, the dispatcher simply types in the customer address and can immediately see exactly how far away that driver is from the customer. If an emergency pickup is needed, that same tool allows the dispatcher to enter the address and see which truck is closest. 

The life of the MTM dispatch team is like that of a master puzzle maker, fitting the pieces together every day to create a mosaic, then starting all over again the next day to do the same thing. Because MTM’s team is experienced and engaged, they know the drivers, the customers and the routes. Samsara gives them superpowers to be the best maestros they can be. 

Creating, updating, viewing routes

Samsara allows dispatchers to create routes for drivers, then automatically computes time between stops and adds in a pre-determined default time at the customer. That can be changed if there is a reason to do so.

Drivers and dispatchers can call up routes anytime to see what’s ahead for the next day or even for several days. As the route is created, it is shown in a satellite map beside the form.

Samsara screenshot

From the driver’s end, the driver app allows the driver to see all the details of the scheduled route, including planned arrivals and departures. The driver app is interfaced with the dispatchers’ version, and they seamlessly show the same things in real time.

Real-time view of all vehicles

Whether the vehicles are moving or parked, the MTM dispatchers are able to see precisely where they are. They even have the ability to see the loading area at a customer location, which is especially helpful when it’s a new customer. For example, seeing a truck backed in to the loading dock.

View of a trailer at a customer backed up to loading dock
This shows a view of a customer loading dock where an MTM trailer currently is located. It shows the truck backed up to the loading dock.

Data dashboards and reports

Samsara also provides the MTM team with a suite of management tools, including data-rich reports and route analytics to improve operational efficiency and performance.

For example, dashboards display overall metrics such as driving distance, driving hours and fuel usage. These metrics can be by vehicle or in aggregate.

Samsara dashboard

There also are dashboards that can be adjusted to see overall trends such as speeding and “harsh events” such as harsh breaking or harsh turning. In the case of the metric below, the team can see that MTM drivers perform well under their counterparts across the industry when it comes to exceeding the speed limit. The detailed report breaks this down by driver and vehicle. 

Samsara speeding

Compliance with Regulations

Samsara installs directly into a vehicle’s OBD port, collecting engine data and accurately tracking Hours of Service for electronic logging, ensuring compliance with FMCSA regulations.